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A6 Handmade Deckled Edge Cotton Paper 300gr

A6 Handmade Deckled Edge Cotton Paper 300gr

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  • This listing is for A5 size 14.8x 21 cm /5.8 x 8.3 in

Beautiful deckle edge handmade cotton paper in 300grm. Perfect for any celebration or art project
Great for printing and letterpress - wedding invitations, thank you cards and more.

Handmade - These papers are created fully by manual process using traditional techniques of pouring the cotton pulp onto a large flat mold set inside a wooden deckle. Every Sheet is individually created. Later these papers are dried in the sun and roll pressed for a beautiful surfaces

Material Usage - Made with cotton pulp recycled for the first time, these are the finest cotton rags and are absolutely environment friendly. These papers are 100% cotton and is free from any mechanical pulp and harmful chemicalsDeckled Edges - Paper has a natural, uneven edge that is created during the papermaking process. Best for special occasion invitations, art prints, and other high-end paper products that require a unique, and elegant touch. Beautiful and unique uneven edge also help to prevent the paper from fraying or tearing if not carefully handled during any project

Standard Weight - these papers are perfected to a minimum of 300 gsm, which means a minimum of 300 grams of cotton pulp is used to make one square meter of the paper. As the paper is handmade and pure cotton is used these papers are bulkier than the normal 300 gsm card stocks. High grammage and thickness helps in water absorption.

Acid Free and Eco- Friendly - This paper is Acid-free and made using a cotton pulp that has been treated to remove any acid. The papermaking process involves using purified water and avoiding the use of chemicals that can contribute to the acidity of the paper making it less likely to smudge, fade, or yellow over time, which helps to preserve important documents and artwork for future generations, while also protecting the environment

Perfect for watercolor - The absolute cotton content and the acid free nature of the paper make it a perfect choice for watercolor painting. The paper is 300 gsm and bulky which absorbs the water and reflects the best possible color on the paper. This paper has a cold press surface and is known for its durability and ability to absorb watercolor paint without warping or buckling.

Versatile artistic Usage - This cotton paper is a versatile material that is used in a range of applications due to its durability, absorbency, and unique texture. Apart from being used in watercolor painting, this paper is a popular choice for artists working with all other wet mediums and printing , printmaking, and drawing. It has a unique texture and absorbency that allows for precise and detailed artwork.

This paper is good to use with:

  • watercolor paint
  • printmaking
  • marbling
  • embossing
  • calligraphy
  • pen
  • colored pencil
  • ink
  • marker
  • acrylic paints
  • pencil
  • inkjet printer
  • stamps

*Paper only, does not include envelopes
*We can customized and print on them for invitations with envelopes
*Also watercolor ilustrations can be done

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