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Les Lumieres is a vibrant watercolor brand that embodies the essence of art from the Light. Founded by Flavia, an Argentinean watercolorist and illustrator, Les Lumieres is a celebration of the beauty found in nature.

Flavia's lifelong passion for painting and drawing has evolved into a full-time commitment since 2020. Inspired by the captivating wonders of botanicals, animals, and landscapes, Flavia's artistry thrives on the enchanting world of watercolors.

Through a meticulous process of blending water and paints, Flavia harnesses the fluidity and versatility of watercolors to create stunning compositions. Her paintings exhibit a captivating range of effects, colors, and textures, showcasing the immense diversity that can be achieved with this medium.

Flavia has undertaken various online courses to expand her skills, while also exploring disciplines such as graphic design, digitized art, and pattern creation for textiles and products. This expertise adds an extra dimension to Les Lumieres, infusing the brand with innovative and distinctive elements.

Guided by the belief that every good and perfect gift originates from the Great Creator, Les Lumieres encourages everyone to let their light shine through the transformative power of art.

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  • Tarjetas de felicitación y pegatinas

    Regala algo especial y único. Gran cantidad de tarjetas para empresas. pegatinas y más!

    Mis acuarelas impresas en los productos que necesites.

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  • Talleres de Acuarela

    Explora las infinitas posibilidades que te ofrece la acuarela. Aprende y diviértete en un lugar hermoso y relajante mientras disfrutas de tu bebida favorita. Consulta próximos talleres.

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